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After taking voluntary redundancy from a job I loved and had been in for many years, I decided to start my own business as an oven cleaning specialist. I chose to do my training with Dirtbusters, a reputable non-franchised oven clean training and business start up company based in Folkestone. Their methods appealed to me as they used caustic free, environmentally friendly bio cleaning solutions.   

Although their training was more than sufficient, I opted to take further intensive training with a relative in the north of England who had been running a successful oven cleaning business for over seven years. The training with him bolstered and enhanced the skills and techniques I'd been taught at Dirtbusters and gave me the confidence to set up my own oven cleaning business in the September of 2015.

Following a year of successful trading and gaining invaluable experience in my profession, I became aware of a gap in the Herefordshire oven cleaning market that definitely needed filling.


Subsequently, I consulted with my AGA and Rayburn customers and listened to their observations about how hard it had been for them to find an AGA cleaning specialist in Herefordshire. As a result, I realised that I'd found a genuine need for an oven cleaner who specialised and was skilled in the detailed cleaning of traditional cast iron range cookers such as AGAs and Rayburns.


I am not just another oven cleaner that can clean AGAs and Rayburns. I am a specialist in my field that markets myself and my business on the extra time and effort I take to thoroughly and precisely clean your cast iron range until the finished result quite literally amazes you.

Not only do I admire and respect these classic treasures but I find that the cleaning of them suits my attention to detail, patience and thoroughness. With the help of a head torch, I actively seek out and find the places you can and can't see. I focus my attention on the task in hand, not rushing or cutting corners for fear of missing a bit. I'm aware of the shortcuts but refuse to take them. I'll be with you for the time it takes to achieve an unrivalled, outstanding AGA/Rayburn cast iron range cooker clean which both you and I are 100% happy with. I don't have to worry about time constraints or being late for my next job as I've devoted my day to you and the job you've given me.


As well as being formally trained to clean AGAs and Rayburns, I have a genuine interest in them and have made it my business to expand my product knowledge and refine my cleaning technique to provide you with an expert service that I am passionate about. I am a perfectionist when it comes to cleaning these cast iron beauties and the enjoyment I get from cleaning them is of benefit to all concerned.


I am dedicated to providing you with a clean that will make us both proud; bringing tired and weary AGAs, Rayburns and Stanley cast iron range cookers back to life quite genuinely thrills me and astounds my customers, see reviews.


Whether it's an AGA 60 or AGA 5 oven Total/Dual Control with integrated module that I'm cleaning, I  guarantee that the detailed, precision clean I give you leaves you with an outstanding and enviable superior finish. 

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