Price List
Rayburn 2 Oven£150
Stanley 2 Oven = £150
2 Oven AGA Cleaning.jpg
Price List
Traditional AGA 
2 Oven = £165
3 Oven = £175
4 Oven = £185
AGA Total/Dual Control 
3 Oven = £175
5 Oven = £195
AGA 60
£150 Includes 2 Ovens, 
Dome lid Hob or
Gas Hob
AGA 3 Series
eR3 90-3 = £160
eR3 90-3i = £160

eR3 100-3 = £165

100-3i = £165

eR3 100-4 = £170

100-4i = £170

AGA Freestanding or Integrated module
£120 Includes 2 Ovens 
And Ceramic Hob
Gas Hob Add £20
AGA With Integrated Module *** 
And Ceramic Hob.
2 Oven + Module = £220
3 Oven + Module= £230
4 Oven + Module =£300
5 Oven + Module =£310
Gas Hob On Module Add £20
AGA Masterchef XL 90 
Ovens Only £150
Induction Hob add £15
Gas Hob add £30
AGA Masterchef
XL 110

Ovens Only £160
Induction Hob add £20
Gas Hob add £35
AGA S-Series
Six Four

Ovens Only £160
Ceramic Hob add £20
Gas Hob add £35

AGA Cleaning


At Jonathan’s Oven Cleanse I am fully trained, equipped and experienced to deep clean your AGA thoroughly and professionally.


AGA cleaning requires a different process and technique compared to normal oven cleaning. 
Attention to detail and patience is paramount as the clean, if it is done thoroughly, will always be intricate and fiddly.


Your AGA needs to be turned off the night before I clean it, so it is cold on the morning of the clean. If there is any residual heat in your range when I arrive in the morning this will not be a problem.


Any shelves or racks will be soaked in my specialist dip tank to remove any grease, grime and burnt-on carbon deposits.


I use specialist, environmentally friendly, non-caustic, non-toxic, vitreous enamel safe cleaning products. You must never use "off the shelf" caustic oven cleaners on your cast iron range cooker as this could result in some disastrous results.


The most difficult part of cleaning an AGA is the aluminium panels on the back of the doors, the vitreous enamelled top plate, the 2 inch strip going into the oven and inside the dome lids. These take time to deep clean properly, so please be patient.


After a detailed clean the chrome lids, vitreous enamel top plate and all other external parts
of the AGA polish up beautifully, transforming your iconic treasure back to its former glory. 
The ovens are cleaned, wire brushed then swept out.

As an extra service, & included in the price, I will degrease, wash down and polish the area around your AGA. This includes (if you have them) your splashback, your vitreous enamelled flue pipe & any other fixtures, like shelves, that are in the immediate proximity of your AGA. I do this as a complimentary, good will gesture as I am aware these areas are often overlooked during normal everyday cleaning.

*** If you have either your freestanding or integrated module cleaned in conjunction with your 2, 3, 4, or 5 oven AGA, the prices for their cleaning are discounted. 

The detailed clean your module gets is really worth having. Even the fan and the backplate covering the fan in the convection oven is removed and thoroughly cleaned. Removing these parts also allows for easier access to areas at the back of the oven that are overlooked during normal cleaning as they're hidden and out of reach. Grease and carbon deposits always build up here, so a deep clean every year or so is a must.


Which parts of my appliance will be cleaned


  • The AGA top plate and front plate

  • The internal and external surfaces of the lids

  • Remove doors to facilitate cleaning inside the oven

  • Degrease, clean and polish the inner aluminium surfaces on the doors

  • Racks and trays cleaned in solution tank on the van

To book an appointment or for more information, please call Jonathans Oven Cleanse on 01432 639 552 / 07515 741 411

Professional Endorsements

My AGA and Rayburn deep cleaning business is endorsed by two different AGA shops; Twyford Cookers of Leominster and Rickards of Ludlow. They’ve both been recommending my services to people and handing out my business cards to their customers for a number of years now. I’m very appreciative of the confidence they have in me and the support they’ve given me since I first introduced myself to them and made them aware of the high standard of AGA and Rayburn deep cleaning that I am capable of achieving.


This is what the team at Twyford Cookers had to say about me:

''We always use Jonathans Ovencleanse to clean our showroom Agas and are confident in recommending him to anyone seeking to give their Aga or Rayburn a facelift. The work cannot compare to one of our renovations which incorporates re-enamelling, however it is remarkable what Jonathan can achieve and it definitely takes away all the stress knowing that he has researched the very best methods and practices.
Jonathan also sources environmentally friendly products: he uses specialist, environmentally/ eco-friendly, non-caustic, non-toxic, biodegradable, vitreous enamel safe cleaning products and refuses to use "off the shelf" caustic oven cleaners on your cast iron range cooker as this could yield some disastrous results. As respect for the environment is very important to both Twyford and Jonathan we trust that this approach will provide our clients with additional peace of mind.
We have been happy to partner with Jonathan on a number of projects and look forward to working with him again in the future''. Elley Westbrook.

Useful Contacts

Dan Hughes Range Cooker Specialist

  • AGA Registered Number 01910

  • AGA install, service and repair

  • On oil fired AGA

  • And all electric AGA Models


Mobile: 07799660233

James Rennick

  • Servicing & Repairs:

  • Oil fired Range Cookers.

  • Oil fired Boilers.

  • AGAs.


Address: The Stables, Hellens, Much Marcle, HR8 2LY.

Mobile: 07710 168228
Landline: 01531 660567

Stuart Callister

Stuart Callister, Eve Winkler & team are on hand in West Midlands, providing cleaning services in Malvern Hills & the surrounding areas to make sure that your home is looked after to your exact requirements. Bright & Beautiful Malvern Hills is part of an award-winning concept in domestic homecare, providing eco-friendly cleaning, tidying, laundry and ironing; with carefully selected fully employed cleaners working to the highest standards of security and service.

Mobile: 07886030495
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Landline: (Worcester) 01905 947085


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Recommended by Twyford Cookers Of Leominster an authorised sales & service distributor of AGA cookers.

Recommended by Rickards Of Ludlow, an authorised and respected AGA and Rayburn dealer. 

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