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Payment, Price List & FAQ

  • My pricing structure is fixed, with no VAT or hidden charges added on at the end of your appointment. This applies even if your AGA is very heavily soiled or has never been professionally cleaned before. The prices are realistic and fair and are based on my extensive experience in the AGA cleaning profession. They represent the hard work and time that I give as a necessity, when undertaking the detailed, deep, precision clean that I always implement in order to achieve the high standards and quality results that I consistently achieve.

  • Prices will be confirmed after viewing your AGA and before the clean commences.

  • Payment in the form of cash, cheque or bank transfer on completion of clean unless pre-arranged.

  • If you wish to cancel, please inform me at the earliest opportunity.

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2 Oven AGA & Ceramic Hob Module Cleaning







Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take?

This depends on what I'm cleaning and how heavily soiled it is. When you contact me for a quote I can give you a rough idea on the timing but this will only really become clear once I've viewed the work. 


Please be flexible with your time. An AGA, Rayburn or Stanley range clean for most, only happens once a year and shouldn't be rushed.

I'll give you my day if you give me yours. I provide a thorough deep clean of superior quality. This is definitely not achievable in just a few hours. If you want a cheap and cheerful, “that will do” AGA clean, I'm really not the service for you.

Are you insured?

Yes. I am fully trained and insured so your property and appliance is fully protected.

Do you carry spares?

I carry two types of end cap washer for the AGA dome, coil spring lid handle.
The traditional chrome cap or the black plastic cup washer. These are often missing and it’s beneficial to replace them for aesthetic as well as practical reasons as their main purpose is to stop the rough spring rubbing against the handle which prematurely wears out and damages the enamel. I also carry replacement door hinge washers, as the door rubbing on the hinge when no washers are in place will quickly erode the hinges enamel. The majority of AGAs I clean, have at least 2 or 3 washers missing as they become brittle over time and break off. These parts are also suitable for Rayburns.

How soon can I use my cooker after the clean?

Because of the caustic free solutions I use and the techniques I employ during the deep cleaning process, your AGA, Rayburn or Stanley will be safe and ready to use as soon as I’ve finished cleaning it.

Will you need to use my sink?

I carry everything I need. If you can spare some warm water that would be helpful. 

Do you cover the floor?

Yes, I will put down a cover to ensure there is no mess.

Do you use harsh chemicals?

No. I only use eco-friendly products both in your home and in my van, which are non-toxic, non-caustic and fume free.


Oven Cleaning Van

Specially designed equipment in the rear of my vehicle for cleaning the racks and shelves that come out of AGA, Rayburn and Stanley cast iron range cooker ovens.
The AGA cold plain shelf and 
Rayburn cold plain shelf are also cleaned in this tank.

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