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Hob Cleaning

Hob Cleaning


Ceramic £10

Electric £15 

Gas £20

Hob Cleaning


Spills and carbon can build up over time making hobs particularly difficult to clean yourself. My intensive cleaning system has been designed to clean all the various parts of your hob quickly and efficiently.


Hobs come in a wide range of models, designs and makes and I can clean all types.


Using a specialist dip tank located in my oven cleaning van, all removable parts of the hob, including the knobs, will be soaked in hot water and a bio-degradable cleaning solution. This is the safest, most efficient and mess free way of cleaning. Whilst these parts are soaking, I will give the surfaces a deep cleanse and this whole process will achieve a pristine and almost new finish.


Although generally hardwearing, ceramic and stainless steel hobs can be scratched when cleaning. I take extra care when cleaning this type of hob to bring it back to an immaculate and nearly new appearance.


The methods I use are safe for all members of your household including pets and children. The cleaning products I use are environmentally friendly and result in a hygienic clean.

To book an appointment or for more information, please call Jonathans Oven Cleanse on 01432 639 552 / 07515 741 411
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