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Extractor Cleaning

Extractor Cleaning


Standard 2 panel chimney/canopy hood £20

Larger chimney/canopy hood £30

Integrated hood £30

Including replacement filter

Oven Extractor Cleaning


Fats, oily deposits and fibrous particles can accumulate in your domestic kitchen extractor reducing air flow efficiency and producing a warm greasy environment for bacteria to breed.


If you don’t clean your kitchen extractor regularly it can quickly become a fire risk and can be a cause of the spread of fire. Under certain circumstances, flames or very high temperatures can ignite the grease causing fire to spread rapidly,  therefore, it is of particular importance that grease extract systems are regularly cleaned to ensure they do not pose a potential fire risk.


The process for cleaning an extractor depends on the type. As with other appliances, any removable parts are taken to a specialist dip tank located in my oven cleaning van where I will soak them in hot water and a bio-degradable cleaning solution. The parts will be thoroughly cleansed and de-greased. All visible, reachable, non-removable parts are deeply cleansed and de-greased using non-caustic and non-toxic cleaning products, leaving your extractor hygienic and safe. If appropriate and necessary, I will replace the filter, exchanging like for like and with no additional cost to you.


Stainless steel hoods are polished using a specialist, eco-friendly oil to achieve a pristine, streak-free finish.


All the products I use are environmentally friendly and safe for all members of your household including pets and children.

To book an appointment or for more information, please call Jonathans Oven Cleanse on 01432 639 552 / 07515 741 411
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