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Aga, Rayburn, Range, Cleaning
Price List
Range Cooker
90cm wide
Ovens only £150
Ceramic hob
add £15
Gas hob add £30

Aga, Rayburn, Range, Cleaning
Range Cooker
100-110cm Wide


Ovens only £160
Ceramic hob
add £20
Gas Hob add £35

Range cleaning prices are for standard
Range Cookers.

Range Cleaning


The process to clean a range cooker is the same as a single/double oven but will take longer. I use the industry standard dip tank method, this is tried and tested and an effective method to clean range cookers to a pristine, nearly new finish.


I start by taking any removable parts, such as racks, shelves, grill pan, back plate and, if possible, the fan, to soak in the dip tank. The dip tank contains hot water and a bio-degradable cleaning solution that removes all grease, grime, fat and burnt on carbon deposits which have built up over time. 


All the external and internal surfaces, including the door and glass, undergo a deep clean, bringing the range back to an almost new condition. Once I have finished cleaning, I test everything to make sure the appliance is fully operational.


Some range ovens have self cleaning sides. The Rangemaster is a good example of this. If the sides are removable, I will take take them out to the dip tank in my van and boil them for a while in clean, detergent free boiling water. This boils out all the grease and fat that has been absorbed and cooked into them over time. I'll then take them out of the water and rub them down with a non abrasive cleaning sponge. This will ensure that any left over surface carbon or greasy residue that has been boiled out will be scrubbed off.


If you do decide to have your gas hob  cleaned along with the ovens, the pan stands and gas rings will also go into my dip tank to be thoroughly degreased and cleaned. If you have either your ceramic or gas hob cleaned I will, as a matter of courtesy, degrease, clean and polish your splashback.  If you have a glass lid on your range, this will also be degreased, cleaned and polished as a matter of course.

Many people have one oven on a range cooker that is cleaner than the other. They might also have a grill or hob which, like that cleaner oven, they don't want or need cleaning.


I have a minimum call out fee of £120 for one oven on your range to be cleaned. You could just leave your range clean at that if everything else wasn't too heavily soiled, or you could continue by adding bits like the hob, grill or second oven, picking and choosing what you did or didn't want cleaned.


All four areas on your range can be cleaned and priced separately so, you only need to have the most dirtiest areas cleaned if you prefer. 


If this is an option you fancy trying, please don't hesitate in contacting me to discuss the requirements of your clean and I'll give you a breakdown of the pricing structure. This type of convenience clean is subject to availability.


Regardless of which option you choose I will degrease, clean and polish the front of your range, taking the knobs off the controls, if they come off, degreasing them and the area underneath them where lots of sticky grease always gathers.


The methods I use are safe for all members of your household including pets and children. The cleaning products I use are environmentally friendly and result in a hygienic clean.


You can use your range as soon as I’ve finished.


Which parts of my appliance will be cleaned


  • I remove all the built up grease and carbon from your range oven

  • All shelves and racks are removed and cleaned

  • Self cleaning sides are removed and cleaned 

  • Glass oven doors cleaned and polished 

  • knobs removed , degreased and cleaned

  • Front of range degreased, cleaned and polished. Professional stainless steal polish is used if appropriate 


If you're having your hob cleaned


• Pan stands and rings removed, degreased, cleaned and polished/hob cleaned and polished 

• Ceramic hob degreased, cleaned and polished 

• Glass lid and splashback degreased, cleaned and polished

To book an appointment or for more information, please call Jonathans Oven Cleanse on 01432 639 552 / 07515 741 411
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