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Single Oven Cleaning

Single Oven


Single Oven Cleaning


The process I use to clean a domestic single oven involves using a dip tank located in my oven cleaning van.


I start by taking any removable parts, such as racks, shelves, grill pan, back plate and, if possible, the fan, to soak in the dip tank. The dip tank contains hot water and a bio-degradable cleaning solution that removes all grease, grime, fat and burnt on carbon deposits which have built up over time. 


All the external and internal surfaces, including the door and glass, undergo a deep clean, bringing the oven back to an almost new condition. Once I have finished cleaning, I test everything to make sure the appliance is fully operational.


The methods I use are safe for all members of your household including pets and children. The cleaning products I use are environmentally friendly and result in a hygienic clean. This is an effective, tried and tested method and leaves your oven looking pristine.


You can use your oven as soon as I’ve finished.


  • I remove all the built up grease and grime and burnt on fat from your oven

  • All shelves and racks are removed and cleaned

  • Glass oven doors cleaned and polished

  • Stainless Steel polished

  • Knobs and switches removed and cleaned

To book an appointment or for more information, please call Jonathans Oven Cleanse on 01432 639 552 / 07515 741 411
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